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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Tabitha Twitchit's Shop19992001Beatrix Potter32
Tailor19971999Victorian Shops66
Tailor's House20112015Limited Editions01
Tailor's House in Winter20112016Limited Editions00
Tall Trees20132014Emmerdale00
Tanglewood Lodge19891992England224
Tanners Cottage19871992England449
Tarnside19982000Bed & Breakfast31
Tea Caddy Cottage19941998England2916
Tea Cosy Cottage20072007Sales Promotion11
Teapot Cottage20072008England134
Teapot Hall20152016British Collection, England02
Teddy Bear Cottage20052005Sales Promotion10
Temple Bar Folly19992001England01
Temple Of The Four Winds20092010England00
Thanks A Bunch20022004England60
Thatcher's Rest19831988England164
The Almonry19961996Special Editions113
The Anchor19962000England136
The Angel Inn20072007Christmas Specials33
The Angel Inn (Illuminated)20122013Disneyana Special Edition10
The Apple Pie, Ambleside20142016The British Collection, England02
The Baker's Shop19951999Village Shops614
The Banqueting House20092009Christmas Ornament1610
The Barley Mow Inn20062007England51
The Beach Hut20052005Retailer Specials03
The Bell At Stilton20072008England13
The Bell Inn20102012England21
The Birdcage20122014The British Collection, England01
The Birdsong19941997American Landmarks70
The Bluebell20132014The British Collection, England10
The Boat Yard20012002England20
The Bobbins19982000England21
The Bottle Lodges, Burghley Park20112011Special Editions00
The Bottle Oven20012003England14
The Brace20152016British Collection, England11
The Briary19891995England386
The Buck & The Doe20112011Limited Editions00
The Candy Cabin20092009Retailer Specials31
The Cascade House20122012Special Editions00
The Cat & Fiddle20022004England43
The Cat's Whisker19992002England51
The China Shop19951999Village Shops1514
The Chinese House20082008Special Editions12
The Chocolate Box20032004Collectors' Club2920
The Chocolate Factory20032004Collectors' Club67
The Chocolate House19921998England278
The Christmas Present20022002Christmas Specials411
The Church of St Martin's20092009Special Editions01
The Coach & Horses19972000England65
The Coach House20122014The British Collection, England01
The Comfy Pew201420152014/2015 Collectors' Club Special Edition02
The Corner Shop20122014Coronation St.00
The Coronation At Lancaster Station20032003Limited Editions10
The Country Garage20042005England23
The Cow & Calf on Ilkley Moor20072011England40
The Cricket Pavilion20132014Emmerdale10
The Croft19821991The British Collection, Scotland2110
The Crooked House20082008Disneyana Special Edition20
The Crooked Spire20032010Britain's Heritage510
The Crooked Spire20032010Limited Edition510
The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro20092011Limited Editions22
The Cuddy19961999England197
The Dabbling Duck201420152014/2015 Collectors' Club Special Edition01
The Dairy Tower20022004England41
The Dalesman19961999England64
The Dawn Of Steam20042004Special Editions14
The Dingle20092013Ireland03
The Dingles' Homestead20132014Emmerdale01
The Dog House20012003England24
The Dolls House20042006England21
The Donkey Stable20082008Christmas Ornament12
The Donkey Stable20082008Collectors' Club12
The Dovecot19891990Collectors' Club284
The Drayman20002003England42
The Duckworth's20122016Coronation St.02
The Egyptian House, Penzance20102011England01
The Enchanted Garden20012002Collectors' Club57
The First Noel19991999Christmas Specials211
The Fleece20072008England10
The Flower Barrow20032005England10
The Flower Basket20012004England116
The Flying LessonLand of Legend00
The Flying Scotsman2003The British Collection, England10
The Flying Scotsman At Kings Lynn20112013Retailer Specials00
The Folly & The Ivy20102011Christmas14
The Founder's Dream Garden20032003Limited Editions12
The Fowl House20102011Collectors' Club20
The Gables19871992England237
The Garden Of England20042006Scenic Treasures01
The George at Castleton20112016The British Collection, England21
The George Inn19972000England72
The George Inn in Winter20122013Disneyana Special Edition00
The Giddy Aunts Tearoom20022004England40
The Gingerbread Shop19931997Christmas1218
The Golden Cross20142015The British Collection, England23
The Golden Hind, Brixham20082010Limited Editions00
The Golden Jubilee20022002Anniversary1410
The Good Life19992000Collectors' Club64
The Grand Bridge, Blenheim20102012Britain's Heritage01
The Grand Bridge, Blenheim In Winter20102013Disneyana Special Edition10
The Grange B&B20132014Emmerdale00
The Great Equatorial19992000Millennium912
The Greengrocer's19911998Village Shops2010
The Hall Of Presidents19961996Special Editions01
The Hanging Basket20032005England62
The Harbour20132015The British Collection, England02
The Hare and Hounds20092009Limited Editions20
The Haunted Mansion19971997Special Editions00
The Heart of the Village20142016The British Collection, England00
The Hermitage20102011England3411
The Hideaway19982000England30
The Hidey Hole20102016The British Collection, England42
The Highwayman Inn20082009England01
The Hollywood Tower Hotel20022002Disneyana Special Edition01
The Honesty Box20012002England11
The Hop Pickers20152016British Collection, England27
The House Of The Tailor Of Gloucester19992001Beatrix Potter14
The House That Moved20082010England23
The Houses of Parliament20032016Britain's Heritage01
The Jewellery Box20042005England32
The Jigger Inn, St Andrews20132015The British Collection, Scotland00
The Joys Of Spring20042006England31
The Kabin20122014Coronation St.00
The King's Arms19901995England155
The Kings Arms Corner20132014Full Steam Ahead00
The Kissing Gate20072009England10
The Lion House19982000England31
The Little Mill20022004England95
The Lobster Pot20022004England21
The Lock Inn20062008Limited Editions12
The Locomotion20032006Age Of Steam10
The Lucky Horse Shoe20062007England15
The Lunch Line19972000Coca-Cola20
The Magic Lantern20052006Illuminated40
The Mallard - Record Breaker20012002Limited Editions61
The Malt House20152016British Collection, England01
The Manor Garden20052006Collectors' Club03
The Merchant1989Land of Legend50
The Mill & Engine House20052005Special Editions11
The Millennium Gate19991999Millennium26
The Miller and The Mariner20062009England37
The Nineteenth Hole20012003England30
The Nutshell19921995England328
The Old Blacksmith's Shop20112016The British Collection, Scotland12
The Old Court House20022003England41
The Old Curiosity Shop19851989England2316
The Old Dog & Bone20032016The British Collection, England47
The Old Forge19982002England104
The Old Forge At Belton20062007Illuminated23
The Old Grammer School20072009England10
The Old Mill At Dunster20012001Anniversary710
The Old Mill on the Esk20102014The British Collection, Scotland11
The Old Pepper Pot20132016The British Collection, England00
The Old Place20072008England30
The Old Post Office19821986England711

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