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ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Saddler's Inn19871989England32
Safe Harbor19972000Limited Editions9
Saffron House19941997England5
Sage Cottage20122013Collectors' Club2
Sail Away20012003England3
Salix The Bold1989Land of Legend3
Salmon's Leap19992000The British Collection, Scotland7
San Francisco House19841985American (1st)0
Santa's Corner19962000Coca-Cola5
Santa's Grotto20102011Illuminated0
Santa's Little Helper20002002Snow Place Like Home11
Santa's Workshop20032003Christmas Specials5
Saturday Night Jive19971999Coca-Cola3
Sawrey Gill19851992England64
Saxham St Edmunds19911994Limited Editions6
Saxon Cottage19881989England15
Say It With Flowers19992002England8
Scarborough Coastguard20052006England0
Scarborough Harbour20112014Limited Editions0
Scented Haven20052007Chocolate Box2
Schloss Neuschwanstein1988Land of Legend0
School Days19911997American Landmarks6
School Friends20052006England4
School's Out For Christmas20122012Christmas Specials0
Scotch Mist19982003The British Collection, Scotland20
Scotland The Brave20042006The British Collection, Scotland2
Scotney Castle Garden19971999Limited Editions1
Scroll On The Wall19861987Miscellaneous4
Sea Shanty20152016British Collection, England0
Seashells Beach Hut20052005England0
Seaside Cottage20052007England1
Seaview19982000Bed & Breakfast1
Secret Garden19871994England27
See Rock City19931997American Landmarks6
See The USA In Your Chevrolet19982000America's Favorites1
Seek & Find19972000American Landmarks4
Serving Up for Summer20142015The British Collection, England0
Settler's Surprise19911996Special Editions1
Seven Dwarf's Cottage19861986Special Editions7
Shades Of Summer19981998Anniversary15
Shakespeare's Birthplace19982002Britain's Heritage4
Shakespeare’s Birthplace20122017British Collection, England4
Shannon's Bank1989Wall Plaque0
Shave And A Haircut19931997American Landmarks10
Sherburn Almshouses20052006England2
Sherlock Gnomes20042005Gnome Home2
Ship Inn19881992England12
Shop Terrace20132014Full Steam Ahead4
Shopping in the Shambles20082009England0
Short Back And Sides19981999Moments In Time0
Shropshire Cottage1994Paint Your Own4
Sign Of Good Taste19982000America's Favorites3
Sign Of The Times19901996American Landmarks7
Silent Night20002000Christmas Specials6
Silver Bells19972000England14
Silver Birch20072007Disneyana Special Edition1
Simply Amish19931998American Landmarks12
Simply Gorgeous20142014Sales Promotion0
Sing a Song of Christmas201420162014 Special Annual Editions0
Skiddaw (unsnowed)20102011England1
Skirsgill Lodge20022005Visitor Centre3
Slate Cutter's Cottage20052006England0
Slate Cutters In Winter20052005Disneyana Special Edition0
Slater Bridge20102011Lakeland Bridges0
Sleigh Bells20042004Christmas Specials3
Small Town Library19921995American Landmarks10
Smallest Inn19881991England37
Smithy Cottage20132014Emmerdale0
Smokey House20132015The British Collection, England0
Smuggler's Rest20002002England7
Smuggler's Watch20152016British Collection, England0
Snow Stories20002002Snow Place Like Home6
Snowball Cottage20052006Christmas5
Snowdon Lodge19941994Christmas22
Snowed In20032004Snow Place Like Home2
Snowed In At Oakworth20152016Limited Editions0
Snowed In at the Drunken Duck20112012England0
Snowed In with Mum20112011Disneyana Special Edition0
Snowed Under20042005Snow Place Like Home4
Snowflake20032004Snow Place Like Home11
Snowy Brow20122016Christmas, Snowed Cottages0
Snug as a Bug20122015The British Collection, England0
Snuggle Down20052007Chocolate Box0
Somerset Springtime1989Wall Plaque3
Sore Paws19962000England25
South Gate in Winter20092011Limited Editions0
South Gate, King's Lynn20092011Limited Editions0
Sowing The Seeds20042005Collectors' Club2
Spire House20132014Christmas, Snowed Cottages0
Spring Bank19861991England58
Spring Cleaning20022003England0
Spring Gate Cottage19941997England11
Spring Glory19951997Year In English Garden11
Spring Green20042005Sales Promotion3
Spring Has Sprung19972000Coca-Cola0
Spring Victorian19941998American Landmarks4
Squatters Cottage20042004Special Editions8
St Agnes Nativity20092009Retailer Specials0
St Andrew's Church, Dacre20022002Special Editions3
St Bartholomew's20052006England2
St Columba's School19891996Ireland13
St Enodoc Church20102011England1
St Fagan's20072009The British Collection, Wales & Ireland1
St Govan's Chapel19922000The British Collection, Wales & Ireland14
St John The Baptist19961998England6
St John's-in-the-Vale20082009Visitor Centre0
St Joseph's Church19931997Christmas18
St Joseph's School19941997Christmas19
St Kevin's Church19891996Ireland9
St Lawrence Church19891998England19
St Mark's Church19881991England25
St Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham20122012Disneyana Special Edition0
St Mary's Church20132014Emmerdale25
St Mary's Church19851988England22
St Mary's Lighthouse20062008Disneyana Special Edition0
St Mary's Lighthouse20062008The Lighthouse Collection0
St Nicholas Church19891990Christmas19
St Patrick's Church19891993Ireland3
St Paul's Cathedral20022003Britain's Heritage6
St Peter's Cove19891991Limited Editions7
St Stephen's Church19961996Christmas13
St Winifred's Well20102011England0
St. Pauls Cathedral20022003Britain in Miniature0
St. Winifreds Well In Winter20102010Disneyana Special Edition0
Stargazer's Cottage19992000Millennium4
Starlight Christmas20142016Christmas, Snowed Cottages2
Stars And Stripes Forever19982000Allegiance0
Stay In Touch20162016Anniversary0
Stephensons's Cottage & The Locomotion20092011Limited Editions0
Stitch In Time20022003England8
Stocklebeck Mill19931999England13
Stockwell Tenement19891996The British Collection, Scotland9
Stokesay19941998Historic Castles of Britain3
Stone Cottage19821982England44
Stormy Waters20042006Illuminated1
Stradling Priory19931997England7
Strawberry Cottage19901998England78
Strawberry Fields20042004Anniversary3
Strawberry Teas19982000English Tea Rooms7
Street Scene 119871987Miscellaneous3
Street Scene 1019871987Miscellaneous0
Street Scene 219871987Miscellaneous0
Street Scene 319871987Miscellaneous0
Street Scene 419871987Miscellaneous0
Street Scene 519871987Miscellaneous2
Street Scene 619871987Miscellaneous0
Street Scene 719871987Miscellaneous0
Street Scene 819871987Miscellaneous1
Street Scene 919871987Miscellaneous0
Stroudley Terrier20032006Age Of Steam2
Suffolk Cottage1995Paint Your Own10
Sugar Loaf Cottage20082009England1
Sugar Mouse20062007Collectors' Club41
Sulgrave Manor19901992England3
Summer Days19971997Anniversary17
Summer Fun20162016England0
Summer Haze19871993England62
Summer Holidays20142016Limited Editions0
Summer Impressions19951997Year In English Garden9
Summer Sun20022003England2
Sunny Selworthy20072008Limited Editions1
Sunshine Cottage20122013England0
Sunshine Creek20122014The British Collection, England0
Sussex Mill19821986England9
Swaledale Teas19961999English Tea Rooms3
Swan & Cygnet20102010Limited Editions1
Swan Green20052007England2
Swan Inn19881992England18
Sweet Bouquet20062007England1
Sweet Briar Cottage19901995Blaise Hamlet12
Sweet Briar Cottage19901995Classics12
Sweet Charity20142016England0
Sweet Dreams (Boy)20152016England0
Sweet Dreams (Girl)20152016England0
Sweet Honeysuckle20082010Visitor Centre3
Sweet Lavender20042006England3
Sweet Pea Cot19941997England14
Sweet William19971998England16
Sweetheart Cottage20012004England4
Sweets & Treats20002000Anniversary7
Swift Hollow19881990England13
Swiss Cottage20072008England3
Sydney Harbour Bridge20062016Heritage0
Sydney Opera House20012002Special Editions2
Syon Park Conservatory20002000Special Editions5
Syon Park Plaque20002000Special Editions0

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