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Released: 2005
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
1657 Kendal Chocolate House20052007Disneyana Special Edition0
A La Ronde20052006England4
Away In A Manger20052006Nativity0
Burnham Thorpe Rectory20052006England5
Cabbage Patch Corner20052006Collectors' Club41
Caesar's Tower & The Barbican20052005Special Editions0
Candlelight Cottage20052006Illuminated1
Castaway Beach Hut20052005England0
Chantry Chapel20052007Limited Editions0
Christmas Cracker20052006Christmas1
Christmas Pantry20052006Christmas1
Cookery Nook20052007England1
Cornish Tin Mine20052007England0
Country Christmas20052006Illuminated4
Crowning Glory20052006England3
Culloden Cottage (Heilan Hame)20052016The British Collection, Scotland1
Cushions & Curtains20052006Sales Promotion3
Daisy Chain Florist20052005Anniversary2
Decorating The House20052005Christmas Specials3
Dovecote20052005Sales Promotion23
Dovecote, Snowed20052005Sales Promotion0
Flying Through The Snow20052005Retailer Specials0
Garden Guests20052006England1
Glad Tidings20052005Christmas Ornament5
God's Providence House20052006England4
Gold Hill, Shaftesbury20052008Limited Editions0
Good Luck20052007England5
Grasmere Church20052016The British Collection, England9
Greyfriars Snowed20052005England0
Greyfriars Tower20052006England0
Happiest Celebration on Earth20052016Disney Special Limited Edition0
Henley Tearoom20052006England0
House In The Clouds20052014The British Collection, Scotland4
Jesmond Mill20052008Limited Editions2
Little Lost Dog III20052013Visitor Centre0
Love To You20052006England7
Merry Christmas20052006Christmas6
Mustard Pot20052006England2
New Beginnings20052006England2
New Home20052006England4
Pargeter's Cottage20052006England3
Patterdale Post Office20052007England4
Pull's Ferry20052006Limited Editions3
Rampant Lion20052007The British Collection, Scotland2
Revolution House20052006England1
River Meadow Manor20052006Collectors' Club1
Riverside Cottage20052006England6
Robert Burns' Cottage20052006The British Collection, Scotland0
Round House, Monmouth20052007The British Collection, Wales & Ireland3
Scarborough Coastguard20052006England2
Scented Haven20052007Chocolate Box2
School Friends20052006England5
Seashells Beach Hut20052005England0
Seaside Cottage20052007England1
Sherburn Almshouses20052006England5
Slate Cutter's Cottage20052006England1
Slate Cutters In Winter20052005Disneyana Special Edition0
Snowball Cottage20052006Christmas5
Snuggle Down20052007Chocolate Box0
St Bartholomew's20052006England3
Swan Green20052007England2
Teddy Bear Cottage20052005Sales Promotion4
The Beach Hut20052005Retailer Specials0
The Biscuit Works, Carlisle20052005Limited Editions1
The Magic Lantern20052006Illuminated2
The Manor Garden20052006Collectors' Club0
The Mill & Engine House20052005Special Editions2
The Rocking Chair20052006England6
Toffee Apple20052008England4
Warwick Castle Boat House20052007England2
Wassail Lodge20052006Christmas4
We Three Kings20052006Nativity1
Wintry Days at Honeysuckle20052010Visitor Centre0
Wisteria Lane20052008England2
Yam Yat Farm20052006England2
Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe20052007England1

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