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Released: 1994
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Applejack Cottage19941999England83
Autumn Hues19941997Year In English Garden12
Bodiam19941997Historic Castles of Britain2
Camomile Lawn19941997England20
Castell Coch19941999The British Collection, Wales & Ireland2
Creel Cottage19941997England34
Elm Cottage19941997England11
Fresh Bread19941999American Landmarks3
Gulliver's Gate19941997England19
Harvest Mill19941999American Landmarks6
Holy Night19941999American Landmarks2
Ivy House19941994Christmas Ornament14
Ladybank Lodge19941998The British Collection, Scotland6
Leagrave Cottage19941995Special Editions21
Leonora's Secret19941995Limited Editions5
Octagon Tower19941998Studley Royal1
Orchard Farm Cottage19941998England5
Petticoat Cottage19941995Collectors' Club91
Ring O' Bells19941997Christmas Specials20
Rose Cottage Skirsgill III19942001Visitor Centre0
Saffron House19941997England12
Shropshire Cottage1994Paint Your Own4
Snowdon Lodge19941994Christmas14
Spring Gate Cottage19941997England17
Spring Victorian19941998American Landmarks4
St Joseph's School19941997Christmas11
Stokesay19941998Historic Castles of Britain4
Sweet Pea Cot19941997England24
Tea Caddy Cottage19941998England42
The Birdsong19941997American Landmarks6
The Temple Of Piety19941998Studley Royal5
The Toy Shop19941999Village Shops20
The Vicarage19941997Christmas26
Tired Timbers19941997England20
Two Hoots19941997England23
Waterside Mill19941999England100
Winter's Wonder19941997Year In English Garden13
Woodman's Retreat19941995Collectors' Club29
Wycombe Toll House19941994Special Editions10

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