Lilliput Lane Listed By Collection

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Collection: Collectors' Club
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
3 Pints Brewery20152016Collectors' Club1
Afternoon Tea20072008Collectors' Club39
Arithmetic at The Old School House20112012Collectors' Club17
Badger Rise20082009Collectors' Club0
Beekeeper's Cottage20002001Collectors' Club3
Black Bear Inn20152016Collectors' Club1
Bridle Way19901991Collectors' Club24
Cabbage Patch Corner20052006Collectors' Club47
Candy Floss20062007Collectors' Club4
Candy Twist20062007Collectors' Club5
Cider Apple Cottage19971998Collectors' Club31
Comfort Cottage19981998Collectors' Club6
Cosy Corner19901991Collectors' Club53
Crendon Manor19861989Collectors' Club4
Curlew Cottage19931994Collectors' Club2
Forget-me-not19921993Collectors' Club29
Fresh Today19992000Collectors' Club45
Fruits of the Forest20092010Collectors' Club4
Fruits of the Land20092010Collectors' Club2
Fruits of the Sea20092010Collectors' Club17
Gardener's Cottage19911992Collectors' Club19
Gold Top20022003Collectors' Club36
Hampton Manor19971998Collectors' Club21
Hampton Moat19971998Collectors' Club89
Happy 21st Birthday20032003Collectors' Club8
Hazelnut Hall20082009Collectors' Club0
Heaven Lea Cottage19931994Collectors' Club19
Honey Pot Tearoom20072008Collectors' Club5
Kiln Cottage19981999Collectors' Club58
Lavender Cottage19891991Collectors' Club13
Little Bee20002001Collectors' Club43
Little Lost Dog19871988Collectors' Club6
Little Scrumpy20012002Collectors' Club45
Meadowsweet Cottage19961997Collectors' Club15
Nursery Cottage19961997Collectors' Club34
Nutkin Cottage20082009Collectors' Club25
Old Scrumpy Farm20012002Collectors' Club11
Packhorse Bridge19861987Collectors' Club8
Petticoat Cottage19941995Collectors' Club80
Porlock Down19951996Collectors' Club20
Puddlebrook19911992Collectors' Club86
Pussy Willow19921993Collectors' Club89
Reading at Shrewsbury Library20112012Collectors' Club0
River Meadow Manor20052006Collectors' Club2
Sage Cottage20122013Collectors' Club3
Sowing The Seeds20042005Collectors' Club3
Sugar Mouse20062007Collectors' Club58
The Chocolate Box20032004Collectors' Club27
The Chocolate Factory20032004Collectors' Club3
The Donkey Stable20082008Collectors' Club2
The Dovecot19891990Collectors' Club34
The Enchanted Garden20012002Collectors' Club2
The Fowl House20102011Collectors' Club2
The Good Life19992000Collectors' Club4
The Manor Garden20052006Collectors' Club0
The Pigsty20102011Collectors' Club20
The Pottery19981999Collectors' Club21
The Spinney19931994Collectors' Club132
The Toy Box20042005Collectors' Club55
The Toy Menders'20042005Collectors' Club1
The Winnows19961998Collectors' Club0
Thimble Cottage19951996Collectors' Club70
Two Pints Please20022003Collectors' Club1
Wash Day19961997Collectors' Club96
Welford Garlands19982001Collectors' Club1
Wenlock Rise19881989Collectors' Club9
Wishing Well19881989Collectors' Club61
Woodman's Retreat19941995Collectors' Club29
Wren Cottage19911993Collectors' Club5
Writing With Lewis Carroll20112012Collectors' Club1
Yew Tree Farm19871988Collectors' Club11

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